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This course is for anyone who wants to give a better speech and influence the world around them, whether it's at a TED conference or anywhere else. Pitch your new business, market yourself or a service you provide, or simply gain new confidence in everyday life. 


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After taking this online course, you will feel less anxious about speaking and presenting in any situation, you will be better at getting good feedback after presenting, and you will be able to create compelling presentations as a storyteller. Additionally, you will have more confidence both as a speaker and a leader. 
Daria Sivovol
Executive Director at American Chamber of Commerce, Estonia

This experience has completely changed the way I think about public speaking and the way I structure my presentations now! Extremely useful training that has changed my professional life forever! After that, we have invited John as a keynote speaker to Tallinn, Estonia to lead a special training for our Women in Leadership Program that we run here at the American Chamber in Estonia. The feedback we have received after the event was just overwhelming... One of the best speakers we have had in Tallinn!


Melinda Richter
Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS

John first coached me on my TEDx presentation. At the time, I was in the middle of a David and Goliath fight at work and the last thing I felt inspired, or even qualified to do, quite frankly, was to create and deliver an "inspiring story" when I was feeling so beat up. But I hadn't met John yet. Not only did he coach mad TED presentation skills in an incredibly efficient way, but he felt my battle scars... and he inspired me to reconnect with the resilience, the strength and the courage I was struggling with... not just to do this presentation, but to face the challenges ahead. He changed the story line and I am forever grateful for that. Since then, I've also brought him in to work with my team for a variety of work, and they have all felt the power of John. He will be a life long partner in business and in life.


What you will learn is applicable to any presentation you want to give, whether you're in front of a TED audience, a board of directors, or your team at work.

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John Bates brings out what is awesome inside every person so it can live in the world and make a real difference. His group trainings are world famous and executives from companies like Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs, NASA, IBM, Second Genome, Boston Scientific and more recommend him to their colleagues as the best communications and leadership trainer working today. John's training is based in human evolutionary biology and human neurophysiology so you learn not only what works, but why it works. That gives you principles which allow you to achieve ever increasing success along with the ability to play and create in the areas of communication and leadership. John has trained hundreds of TED and TEDx speakers all over the world. He also works with C-level executives at top organizations to make their communications TED-worthy.

In 1997, John co-founded BIGWORDS.com. After raising over $80M in venture funding and winning numerous accolades, BIGWORDS.com failed in the dot com crash. This experience literally, and quite actually, almost killed John. He now talks about how he recovered from a life-threatening illness brought on by stress and lack of sleep and shares his experience of failure and what it taught him with audiences the world over. John is a co-author of World Class Speaking in Action, an Amazon best seller. He is passionate about people and loves making a difference for those who make a difference. 


John Bates



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12 Units of written materials, video content, PDF downloads, and helpful infographics 

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John Bates has spoken, hosted and coached for over 22 different worldwide TED and TEDx events. In addition to those partnerships, John has also worked with top executives at NASA, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, Boeing and more.
Stan Schneider
RTI CEO and IIC Steering Committee

I was sitting in a room with 50 other CEOs watching this amazing presentation and TED-talk coach, John Bates. He captures the room; he's inspiring, clear, creative, entertaining, and powerful. I couldn't help but imagine what could happen if dynamic, driving communications was a part of our company culture. So, we hired John for a day's training. The results? Awesome. Weeks later, people are still thanking me for inspiring them to speak better, listen better, and take responsibility for what others hear. I'd say the bar has been raised, but the bar is simply gone.


Create compelling speeches and presentations that move your team or audience to action, make the most out of every word, and stand out from the crowd.



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