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Immediatly, things started to change. Every door started to open for me. 
What is the secret that changed everything? I'm not going to hide it, it's something I want EVERYONE to know!
Here it is: It doesn't matter how smart you are, how well you know something, how exciting and world-shattering your vision is: the only way your greatness will impact anyone is if you know how to make others feel the same way. No one can see inside your head. How you communicate with them shapes their lifelong impression of the content itself. That's simple, but massively powerful. 
Ordinarily, this is an in-person, intensive course that costs upwards of $20,000 ...
and EVERYONE has said it's worth every penny. 
Because I think that there is vast, untapped greatness potential out there, just begging to be brought out, 
 I've listened to everyone who's been asking for the knowledge and the inspiration of Speak Like a Leader to finally be available in an affordable, online course!
A personal message for You from John.


Dear Friends,
You may have seen me on-stage at an event; a TEDx, at SXSW or at numerous other events, empowering thought leaders to get their messages out to the world. However, I wasn't always a successful speaker, coach, author and trainer. In fact, I was far from it! 
You see, I always had the soft skills. And, I undervalued them and was envious of the people around me who had the hard skills. It wasn't pretty. Then one day in 2009, after I had been to the TED conference for the first time, I was watching someone with the hard skills having a very hard time onstage. When a friend of mine leaned over and whispered to me that I ought to do something to help people like that, it hit me like a ton of bricks. The light finally went on for me! 
I realized that if I just got over myself I could make a difference for people with the hard skills. So I started creating my training which is based in human evolutionary biology and neurophysiology so I could show people with the hard skills not only what works in communication, but also WHY it works. And it turns out, everyone likes to know that. And, I realized something else...
Who is John Bates? He's a regular guy who finally GOT the value of communication, and now YOU can learn it, FAST. 
Company, Team or Individual, the content of this course is 
LIFE changing! 


You don't need to have the cure for cancer to have a story that is worth telling. Whatever your story is, finding the right way to share it with the world, will have you be recognized for it, to be respected for it, will begin a cycle of success in your professional and personal life and it's so simple it will blow your mind.
In the workplace, you can supercharge your teamwork, get recognition at a company, even at the global level, and prevent conflicts and misunderstandings that sap your potential. 
In your personal life, learn how to find your 'why', learn how to create the kind of relationships, friendships, and experiences that you want to have. 

What is in this course that is so powerful?

How can you be transformed in just 2 Weeks?

Again, I'm not keeping anything secret! Here it is. 
Ashley Edwards
Communications Manager at NASA Headquarters

John, I can't thank you enough for working with us here at NASA. You were so engaging and gave my team great tools and inspiration to take our communications to the next level. We look forward to continuing our relationship.



Brian Boxer Wachler
Inventor of Life-changing Advanced Keratoconus treatments, I-Brite and Fortified LASIK
I just gave a TEDx talk as part of the TEDxFulbright event in Santa Monica. John and his team were absolutely phenomenal with their public speaking coaching. I have given over 200 talks at various conferences over the years and John and his team were THE BEST, the most thorough, meticulous, and detailed with their unique "system" for preparing and coaching me compared to anything in the past that I experienced. John and his team get an A+++++++++++!
Unit 1
How to be coachable, your internal state
Unit 2
How to be TED Worthy: Creating Authenticity and Inspiration
Unit 3
High-Leverage Communication: Emotional Power
Unit 4
It's not a presentation, it's a Performance
Unit 5
Shaman Story Telling
Unit 6
These mistakes are Killing your story!
Unit 7
The Bates Equation: the unknown secret to TED talks
Unit 8
The Mirror Neurons: Evolutionary Biology and Neurophysiology
Unit 9
Being on-stage: Every trick YOU need to nail your presentation
Unit 10
Transfer of Emotion: How you actually influence them to action
Unit 11
The Rock Star Effect: Not what you think, but it's what you need!
Wonder how Speaking like Leader will change your life? Don't take my word for it.
Because the World needs YOU.
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Tasks and Assessments for every unit: $497
A printable, hard-copy training guide : $497
A printable, hard-copy Action Guide : $497
Limited Time Only: An exclusive invitation to a  30-minute  telephone session with John Bates himself to discuss YOUR communication challenges and goals after the course! $997 
And, I give you my famous 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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