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Success Story:
Melinda Richter, Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation Labs (JLABS)
You are in the business of cultivating leadership, training executives to be more engaging speakers, and providing up-and-coming superstars with opportunities to thrive. I want to assist you. Melinda Richter is just one of many I have coached to success. She has been well received at TEDx events, and many other events where she is an in-demand keynote speaker.

I train many top-level executives, and leaders-in-training. The people I train encouraged me to take my program to an online format, so I could reach and assist others to be more successful in speaking and connecting with their audiences. Along with being a keynote speaker, I now offer in-person trainings, one-on-one training, and the convenience of online training.

Try my Audience Secrets mobile training to get a taste of my full online public speaker and leadership training. Audience Secrets offers fast, actionable tips, that will immediately impact a leader’s ability to achieve focus and attention in meetings. My coursework empowers you to boost employee engagement by amplifying the leadership presence of the leaders you support. People will connect better with their messages, be inspired, and want to take action.

If you’re in charge of employee leadership development, try the sample mobile course out for yourself, and if you like it contact me to set up an appropriate training program for your leaders. 

~John Bates
Try Audience Secrets with Your Host John Bates
Fast, actionable, training for leaders, executives, and managers-in-training.
This micro-learning mobile experience includes:
  •  Understanding when the performance begins
  •  How non-verbal cues are perceived and received
  •  Techniques for scanning the audience
  •  How to make effective eye-contact
  •  The art of purposeful movement
  •  The neurophysiology behind our actions and reactions
  •  Access to 2 free units of my online training
Don't Forget
When you sign up for this unique mobile experience, you not only receive a taste of the types of lessons contained in my full Speak Like a Leader Bootcamp. You will also have the opportunity to try 2 learning modules of my full, online 12-unit Bootcamp course FREE.
What I offer and why it really makes a difference.
Bringing Out What's Awesome in You
  •  I have trained hundreds of speakers for TED, TEDx and in corporate environments. My training is used by top executives at Johnson & Johnson, NASA, Accenture and many other corporations. 
  •  My years of audience study and practice allow me to provide you with valuable insights.
  •  I help leaders find the uniqueness in their individual story, that allows them to connect with the audience in an authentic way.
  •  It's science! I will share evidence that provides a research-backed approach to working with an audience of any size.
  •  I have made mistakes too, and I'm willing to share what I have learned, so others don't make the same mistakes.
Just Some of My Clients
Why You Will Love This Program
The Science Behind It
In this sample, I share with you a full learning module's worth of valuable video tips, based in proven neurophysiology. Learn WHY my methods really work with audience behavior.

Micro-Learning Convenience
Receive 1 Audience Secret via text message for 7 days. View each micro-lesson at your convenience. Tips are designed to be quick and immediately actionable, and the equivalent of one full learning module from my 12-unit Speak Like a Leader course.
Sample the Full Speak Like a Leader Online Course 
Want a taste of the full course?  When you complete the micro-learning experience, you also receive exclusive access to check out a 2-unit sample of my 12-unit, online "Speak Like a Leader Bootcamp" FREE!
Don't Take My Word For It
"John, I can't thank you enough for working with us here at NASA. You were so engaging and gave my team great tools and inspiration to take our communications to the next level. We look forward to continuing our relationship."

Communications Manager at NASA Headquarters
" have really tapped into the neuroscience and the neurobiology of who we are and how we communicate and how people persuade people and so forth and I was very impressed. I’m sitting here thinking, 'I need to take that guy’s workshop, and have you as a consultant.' So, I’d take time to work with him, to check out his work. He’s quite an amazing guy and he can help you be more amazing too." 

Jack Canfield
Co-Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, the book The Success Principles and a featured teacher in the movie The Secret.
So, what are you waiting for?